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  1. Greg

    Dear Neighbors,
    I do not support any of the proposed conservation overlay. I think it’s an overstep of government control. If you want to incentivize architectural preservation in the neighborhood why not create more incentives to do so? There’s a choice here to use a carrot or a stick. Telling me what I can and can’t do on my property feels like a stick.

    Height and bulk plain restrictions are already in place. Isn’t this enough control of our individual rights?

    I also think it’s bad business to limit renovation in our neighborhood. The only homes in our neighborhood that are economically viable for major renovations are the ones that are in poor repair and are in desperate need of renovation. Allowing smart, incentivized and quality renovations of the homes in Harkness Heights is good for our property values, good for our tax base, and good for the overall vitality of our neighborhood. With price per square foot in the neighborhood around $400, it’s also good for our pocketbooks. An overlay also will make it more difficult to make renovations on existing properties.

    I am a Colorado native. One of the values I was raised with was live and let-live. I don’t intend to tell my neighbors what do to with their property, so why are my neighbors telling me what I can do on mine? I think this proposed overlay goes well beyond these Colorado and American values, and in fact, does very little to preserve the historic value of the neighborhood or the overall value of our homes.

    I hope these comments are taking on board with the neighborly love, respect, and conscientious on which they are based.

    Your Neighbor,
    Greg Benchwick

  2. Pauline Bargell

    I love this neighborhood and the people that live here. I do not support the proposed conservation overlay because I feel it is too far reaching. I believe the bulk plain and height restrictions that are currently in place are enough. I do understand the intent of trying to preserve and keep our Harkness Heights charm in tact, however, I do not want more government control to do so.

    I do appreciate the work and motivation behind trying to protect our neighborhood. Thanks for the platform and the opportunity to have a voice.

  3. Karyn

    I am in agreement with Greg. There are too many restrictions in the proposal. I didn’t see details about whether or not current homes would need to change to meet new standards.
    For example, our bungalow currently doesn’t have walls on the porch. I find it is more open and inviting this way. Shouldn’t we have some control over the look and feel of our homes?

  4. Pamela James

    I am in agreement with Greg! I know my parents would say live and let live! As long as you take care of your property and are a great neighbor let people live!

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